Hindu Concept of Time According To the Vedic Calendar

Each year the Hindus celebrate certain festivals and auspicious events during which special rituals are performed and special types of sattvic foods are eaten. A closer look at this tradition will reveal that these festivals and activities are not superstitious but are based on highly accurate scientific principles conceived by the Sages and Rishis thousands of years ago and documented in the ancient Vedic scriptures.
The timing of these festivals is important. Hindus use a solar year which is based on the exact number of days it takes for the Earth to orbit the Sun and on the exact number of days the for Moon takes to go around the Earth in one month. Since both orbits are ecliptic, it follows that the Sun and Moon will not always be in line with each other except when an eclipse of the Sun occurs. The gravitational forces of the Sun on the Earth will vary with regard to the position of the Moon. This will create certain forces that will affect life on Earth differently. The oceanic tides will be affected, weather and the seasons will be affected and people’s temperament will change as the distance between the Sun and Moon changes. This difference between Sun-Moon positions can be subtracted by using geocentric longitudes. The result is a Lunar Day or TITHI. These lunar days are given specific names by the Hindus. There are15 names for the bright phases of the Moon and fifteen for the dark phases. By tracking these lunar days, learned astronomers, astrologers and priests are able to determine the best days for medical treatment (when body fluids are low), the best time for certain type of foods to be eaten, the best time for certain special events to take place, the best day for auspicious ceremonies, and more.

A scientific process of rebirth and renewal that gives you control over your destiny.




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